20 Jul 2018

Dining Near the Chelsea

I’ve had a few requests for dining near the Chelsea Hotel, and unfortunately, it’s a bit of a culinary wasteland for Toronto. If you can’t move very far, there are only a few places I would recommend that are sit down restaurants within a 5 minute walk. The first is the Queen and Beaver, which … Continue reading →Dining Near the Chelsea
19 Jul 2018

Toronto Food: Cheap (and Good) Eats II

In another post, I outlined some of the many food options you have in nearby Kensington Market. This one will cover some of the other inexpensive, casual eateries located around town that are loved by many Toronto foodies. The Burger’s Priest, 436 Queen West, plus various other locations around town Trying to award the title “Best … Continue reading →Toronto Food: Cheap (and Good) Eats II
14 Jul 2018

Toronto’s Fine Dining Scene

You’ve already seen that Toronto has some great cheap eats. You probably won’t be surprised to find out that it’s got some excellent higher priced options as well. I’ll cover some of the nearby fine dining hotspots, but if you’re looking for something not of this list, feel free to hit up your conference concierge … Continue reading →Toronto’s Fine Dining Scene
14 Jul 2018

Toronto Food: Cheap (and Good) Eats, Part I

In Downtown Toronto, you’ll have access to a wonderful range of food options from different cultures. One of the best aspects of Toronto’s food scene is that you don’t have to pay a lot to get good food (though we do have a lot of mid-to-high end restaurants that will be covered in a subsequent post)! … Continue reading →Toronto Food: Cheap (and Good) Eats, Part I
16 Jun 2018

A Jays game is a great way to enjoy Toronto!

Seeing a Jays game is a great way to enjoy the city, especially when the roof is open, and with a beer and hotdog in your hands.  The Jays are in town, and playing the Orioles on Saturday and Sunday, and the Twins Monday-Wednesday. Use this link to get tickets through MLB’s site, or find … Continue reading →A Jays game is a great way to enjoy Toronto!

Ontario is the Place for Summer Theatre

Planning a holiday either before or after ProComm 2018? Ontario has great places to visit and great shows to see. The Stratford Festival, well-known for its Shakespeare productions is much more than that. This year, you can take in musicals like The Music Man or The Rocky Horror Show, American classics like To Kill a Mockingbird … Continue reading →Ontario is the Place for Summer Theatre

A City of Proud Neighbourhoods

Toronto is a city of proud neighbourhoods. I have lived in three of Canada’s greatest cities. I grew up in Montreal, lived for twenty-five years in Vancouver and now I live – and love living – in Toronto. Montreal is one of the most exciting cities in the world, a uniquely French twist on the … Continue reading →A City of Proud Neighbourhoods