20 Jul 2018

Dining Near the Chelsea

I’ve had a few requests for dining near the Chelsea Hotel, and unfortunately, it’s a bit of a culinary wasteland for Toronto. If you can’t move very far, there are only a few places I would recommend that are sit down restaurants within a 5 minute walk. The first is the Queen and Beaver, which is a British style pub known for its food, particularly its burger.

Authentic British Pub with amazing decor inside.

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The second is an all you can eat sushi place, called Kaka. Don’t be deterred by the name, it’s quite good (for an AYCE) and their menu includes arburi (blowtorched sushi). So if you’ve got a big appetite one night, and you want to try some arubri, this is not a bad choice.


If you’re looking for fast casual or takeout, let me recommend Bahn Mi Boys, vietnamese baos and subs that are to die for. Ask for the Club, which is on the secret menu, and involves a big slab of pork belly and fried chicken. Yummy!