Belinda Amaya

Unusual professional growth from blue-collar field technician to white-collar technologist, Bea has lost neither her roots in the field nor her respect for those who work there. Her experience includes an expertise in interfacing with field workers, and in her position as Systems Analyst for Custom Air Products & Services, Inc. (CAPS), she works on in-house relationships and focuses her efforts on designing tools–databases, spreadsheets, automated documents–and analyzing data, with those needs in mind.

Her PhD is in Technical Communications & Rhetoric from Texas Tech University, a program that she highly recommends to others seeking to expand in this direction.

Recent work includes 5 years in Houston with an industrial HVAC company, 1 year in Doha, Qatar working for Texas A&M University, and 3 years in Papua New Guinea working with a tribal-owned transport company. In addition to her work at Custom Air Products & Services, Inc., Bea teaches Technical Communications at the University of Houston in the College of Technology.

Specialties: Expert skills in Access, Excel, and PowerPoint. Intermediate skills in Power BI, PowerApps, Word, HTML, Javascript and more. VBA programming experience. Lots of experience in team leading and facilitation of team meetings.