19 Jul 2018

Toronto Food: Cheap (and Good) Eats II

In another post, I outlined some of the many food options you have in nearby Kensington Market. This one will cover some of the other inexpensive, casual eateries located around town that are loved by many Toronto foodies.

The Burger’s Priest, 436 Queen West, plus various other locations around town

Trying to award the title “Best burger in town” always results in controversy, but The Burger’s Priest consistently comes up in these discussions. Inspired by Shake Shack and In N Out franchises in the States, this burger joint focuses on a traditional, American cheeseburger (to order a regular hamburger, you’ll need to order a cheeseburger, hold the cheese) made from fresh, local ground beef with minimal spices, cooked on a flat griddle top. The result is a decidedly delicious and beef-y tasting burger that stands out for its simplicity. Don’t forget to try items from the secret menu, including the Religious Hypocrite (veggie option with bacon), the High Priest, The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Grilled cheese for buns, and a ton in between – pictured below).

Why battle Christmas shoppers when you could go toe to toe with The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse?

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Bahn Mi Boys, 392 Queen St. West, plus various locations throughout the city

Non-traditional Vietnamese subs, baos, and tacos made from premium ingredients, such as duck confit. My own personal favourite bahn mi is The Club, which includes fried chicken and pork belly. They’re fast, filling, and really inexpensive.

Porchetta and Co. 825 Dundas West or 525 King West

Home of Toronto’s Porchetta sandwich, this quick stop was featured in Anthony Bourdain’s The Layover: Toronto. Porchetta, a savoury, moist boneless pork loin, makes a fantastic meat for a sandwich, and it’s topped off with double cooked crispy crackling (pork skin): the House Special – grainy mustard and truffle sauce – it to die for. They also do killer specials, like the below animal style fried chicken sandwich. Well worth the short trip to their Dundas or King West locations.

Rol San, 323 Spadina Avenue

While the city’s best Chinese is in the suburbs – in Richmond Hill, Markham, and Scarbrough – there are a ton of good, inexpensive restaurants in Toronto’s Chinatown, only a few blocks away from U of T (try Goldstone or King’s Noodle for a traditional noodle house, Asian Legend for Sichuan cuisine, and Mothers’ Dumplings for – you guessed it  – dumplings; and if you want to break the bank on some serious(ly good) Chinese food, Lai Wa Heen) But if you’re looking for a good dim sum experience, this is the place to go. No carts in this no frills restaurant, but expect a busy, frenzied atmosphere with hot tea and dim sum served all day long.

Asian brunch ting 🍚 #dimsum #sunday #chinatown #toronto

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Salad King, 340 Yonge Street

Located right by Ryerson University, this cafeteria style Thai restaurant serves up fresh, filling portions to many a Ryerson student (and others) every day. It’s not the best Thai in the city (for that, go to Pai, Sukothai, or Sabai Sabai, all run by the same family), but it’s fast, cheap, and has an extensive menu (try the Khao Soi).

Yummy 😋

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Again, there are so many good, inexpensive places to eat in the city that I can’t come close to covering them all. If you’ve got a specific request though, ask the conference concierge for a recommendation! Ice cream next!