14 Jul 2018

Toronto Food: Cheap (and Good) Eats, Part I

In Downtown Toronto, you’ll have access to a wonderful range of food options from different cultures. One of the best aspects of Toronto’s food scene is that you don’t have to pay a lot to get good food (though we do have a lot of mid-to-high end restaurants that will be covered in a subsequent post)! And the best part of being right downtown is that you have access to them on foot! Keep in mind, though, this list includes casual places only, with no or limited seating.

We’ll begin in Kensington Market, which has several great choices for cheap eats.

Seven Lives and Gobernador Paletas and Ceviche69 & 72 Kensington Ave.
If you like tacos, one of the city’s best taquerias is located here. Make sure to try the Gobernador, a mix of ground tuna and shrimp that makes an absolutely wicked combination in a soft taco shell. After your fill of tacos, go across the street for a Mexican ice pop or – even better – a Dole (Pineapple Whip) with graham cracker crumble (ask for this specifically)!

Taco Tuesday 😤🌮 Ft Baja Fish with Blue Corn Tortillas. 📸: @thecarbdiet

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Otto’s Berlin Doner, 256 Augusta Avenue: If you’re craving something to remind you of that summer you spent in Berlin, look no further. But even if you’re just looking for something yummy and filling, Otto’s is also for you. Otto’s serves two of Berlin’s favourite street foods, Doner and Currywurst, in its own unique German/Torontoian style, and is conveniently also licensed, with several German brews on tap.

Going full glutton today. 🐷 Shout out to lazy Sundays and meals like this delivered right to your couch ✌😋

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North Poke, 179 Baldwin Street: Last year’s trendy food tastes just as good this year, without the line ups! North Poke serves a variety of Hawaiian poke styles – typically a marinated raw fish (tuna, salmon, but also for vegetarians, a marinated tofu) on rice with toppings (seaweed, edamame, sauces, taro chips, etc.). Their best deal is the three small bowls of different types of poke for $15, and don’t forget to top off your meal with a traditional Hawaiian Shave Ice.

Aloha indeed. 📸:@vivilcc

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Hibiscus Cafe, 238 Augusta Ave: Vegan? Vegetarian? Or just looking for a good salad? Most of the restaurants above have good vegetarian options, but if you’re looking for vegan or more choices, try the Hibiscus Cafe, for completely gluten free salads, bowls, soups, and crepes. I hear their buckwheat crepes are city famous!

Don’t see anything for you yet? Don’t worry, this is just the first in a series of Toronto food posts. There’s also a ton of other restaurants in Kensington Market,  and you’ll always have access to your conference concierge if you can’t decide where to eat! Contact information coming soon! 😀